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I did an inspection a year and half ago and the Client called me and said "his furnace was producing Carbon Monixide and was not working correctly" and "he had two heating contractors out there and both said the furnace needed to be replaced." In addition he said, "he has not used his furnace since the inspection and just decided to turn it on."

Well I was intrigued by this on many different levels, so I decided I would go out, take a look at it and bring along my HVAC guy.

First, he put a window well cover over the exhaust pipes on the exterior and that was pushing CO back into his house. I recommended that he extend the pipes above the cover.

After talking with him for a few minutes, he said "the furnace was working but after the other HVAC guys played with it, it stopped working and they said it had to be replaced." One guy said "the heat exchanger was all burnt up."

My HVAC professional took about 5 minutes to get it working and about another 15 minutes checking it for proper operation and safety. My HVAC guy charged me $50 and the furnace is fine!

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