Waukesha Condominium Inspection

Wall to Wall Home Inspectors include Roof Inspections with their services

I did an inspection on a Waukesha upper-lower condo that was only a few years old. When I opened the attic access panel, the entire roof structure was covered in mold. The roofing, roof sheathing, trusses, and insulation had to be removed and replaced.

We use the Latest Technology to Inspect all Areas of your Home

Using pole mounted cameras along with our decades of experience the inspectors at Wall to Wall offer complete home inspections whether you are buying or selling a house. The condition of the attic can be an indicator of damage to the exterior roofing. Shingles may be rotting, allowing moisture into the roof substrates and causing mold. Improper attic venting is a leading cause of mold growth in attics as well.

Our inspection specialists will ensure your home is free from problems leading to mold growth and rotting of attic rafters and decking. From attic to the basement and wall to wall, you can trust our inspectors to provide thorough house inspections and present you with a custom home inspection report so you can see exactly what we find.

Contact the home inspection specialists at Wall to Wall to inspect your Waukesha roof.