Brookfield Home Inspection Reveals Siding Damage

Certified Home Inspectors Discover Siding Problem

I did an inspection in Brookfield that was a side-by-side condo that was only a few years old. If you looked closely at the man-made hardboard type siding on the building it was loose and had minor deterioration in areas. I recommended that a siding specialist look at the siding for further evaluation. The conclusion was that the siding was defective and all had to be replaced.

Wall to Wall Understands the Importance of Quality Siding on Your Home

Keeping siding materials in good shape should a top priority for home owners. Damaged and deteriorated siding allows water, insect and sometimes animal infiltration. Over time, all of these can do serious damage, which can lead to bigger problems and costs. Masonry siding, in particular, can be very problematic. If the exterior masonry is pushed from the wall, it is typically a symptom of water getting behind it, or the a potential shifting of the foundation supporting the masonry. Our inspection identifies all siding materials, their condition and whether there is need for a specialist to further evaluate the system.

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Wall to Wall Inspects All Types of Siding

The most popular type of siding is vinyl, but wood, metal, composite, and brick are also common. If asbestos siding was used in an older home you may choose to have it encapsulated or replaced, and you’ll certainly need to know if it has been damaged.

Each siding material has unique strengths and weaknesses, and our experienced home inspectors are well versed in knowing exactly what kind of damage to look for based on the material. There is no such thing as a truly maintenance-free siding material, and a professional home inspection by Wall to Wall will ensure you’re aware of any damage caused by neglect or accident.

Recognizing Different Types of Siding Damage

Impact damage such as dents, scratches, chipping, or cracking are easy to spot and often caused by storm damage including hail, strong winds, flying debris, or even lightning. However, weed trimmers, sports equipment, and pressure washing can also be responsible.

Weathering takes its toll on all kinds of siding over the years. Sunlight can cause fading or delamination, and focused solar rays from window reflection can even cause vinyl siding to melt or warp. Extreme temperatures and moisture damage can affect all types of siding, and our inspectors look carefully for any sign of water penetrating the exterior and compromising the wall cavity. Even a deteriorating paint job can leave wood siding vulnerable to rot.

Insect, rodent, and woodpecker activity causes substantial damage and can leave your home vulnerable to the elements.

Improper siding installation or just poor workmanship may not be obvious unless you know what to look for (and our inspectors DO). Issues such as over driven nails or siding too close to the ground can lead to premature deterioration or even void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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