Home Inspections for Investment Properties

Electrical Panels Incorrectly Wired

There's never a dull moment when performing home inspections. We encounter a number of questionable home "renovations" like an air conditioning unit in a shower, or a new way to "share" electricity in a duplex. Many of these homes are "fixer-uppers" and investors looking to flip properties typically take full advantage of such situations. The knowledgeable inspectors at Wall to Wall Home Inspections are happy to do home inspections for potential investors. We will create a complete home inspection report, detailing all the problems which will need fixing and renovations.

While we normally require our clients be present during the inspection, we can also inspect homes if you are unable to attend. If you live out of state and are looking to invest in some Wisconsin property, Wall to Wall Home Inspections is more than happy to help. We will carefully document every part of the home you're interested in, allowing you to make the best decision. We also offer inspections of condos and apartments if you are hoping for additional property to rent out.

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AC Unit in Shower Discovered by Investment Home Inspector