Garage Problems Encountered During Home Inspection in Waukesha

Birds Living in a Home Soffit

Garages and roofs are typically the most difficult parts of a home to inspect. At this particular home, we discovered the garage was not only damaged, but birds had also taken up residence, contributing to the damage. Wall to Wall Home Inspections combines our years of industry experience and the latest home inspection technology to ensure every home we look at gets a thorough inspection, uncovering problems which may require extensive work, such as the garage on this home.

From our customizable home inspection software to our exclusive pole mounted camera for viewing the roof if we aren't physically able to get on, Wall to Wall Home Inspections has been serving Waukesha area home buyers and sellers since the year 2000. We go above and beyond Wisconsin State laws, testing more than just a "representative number" of outlets and one window on each side of the home. This extends to our garage and roof inspections. We consistently exceed expectations, providing comprehensive Milwaukee home inspections at affordable prices.

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Rotting Shingles in Waukesha Area Home
Waukesha Garage with Damaged Roof
Rotting Roof Shingles Found in Waukesha by Home Inspector
Cupping Roof Shingles in Waukesha Garage