Milwaukee Home Inspector Discovers Problems on Roof

Worn and Damaged Shingles

Roof Inspections in Milwaukee

Many less experienced home inspectors tend to overlook portions of the house which may be un-viewable: the roof, the foundation, and attic crawlspaces. In the case of this house, it had a bad roof which desperately needed to be replaced. However, it was very difficult to see the damage from the ground. Our home inspectors use exclusive technology to view all portions of the home to provide comprehensive roof inspections to our customers. We have a pole mounted camera which allows us to closely inspect the roof during winter or when it isn't feasible to safely set up a ladder and climb onto a roof. After a completed inspection of the roof using the pole mounted camera, our home inspector was able to give accurate repair information to the customer.

"I estimate $4,000-$7,000 for the roof depending on what type of shingle is installed."

Let our experienced home inspectors uncover any hidden roof problems which may be easily overlooked, leading to costly repairs after you move in. Contact us today!


Common Shingle Damage Types to Look forShingle Damage on Milwaukee Home

A home’s shingles are the first line of defense against extreme weather in any environment. Whether the shingles are made of asphalt, tile, wood, or slate, severe weather and just plain old age causes mechanical damage. Some of the common types of shingle damage our inspectors discover include:

  • Granule loss –  ceramic, slate, schist, quartz or stone granules loosen and separate from the shingles over time. A good indication is an excess of granules present in the gutters.
  • Fracturing – an obvious failure which can be seen as a ripping of each shingle. If you find shingle parts in the lawn or garden, this is usually the culprit.
  • Thermal splitting – sudden shifts in temperature common in Wisconsin season cause expansion and contraction of asphalt shingles, eventually causing them to split.
  • Raised staples – Faulty installation and material expansion can cause staples to raise out of the roof’s plywood, damaging the shingles and causing them to pull out
  • Curling – improper attic ventilation is just one of many causes of curling shingles.
  • Denting or cupping – when the center of shingles begin to sag into a concave shape, you’ve got shingle cupping.
  • Ice Damming – More of a symptom of a problem, it’s when ice accumulates on the edge of your roof. The water beneath becomes trapped and will eventually seep into the plywood.

Wall To Wall’s home inspectors will thoroughly inspect shingles on safely accessible roofs to ensure the home’s roofing is in good shape. We will advise whether the home’s roof requires replacement so you can adjust your asking or selling price after our quality pre-sale inspections.

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Worn Out Roof Shingles
Icicle Formed on Damaged Gutters
Damaged Roof Shingles in Milwaukee
Snow Covered, Damaged Wisconsin Roof