Home Inspection in Milwaukee Finds Roof and Plumbing Issues

Leaking Roof in a Home

Rain or shine, our inspectors provide comprehensive home inspections. We toured this house on a rainy day. This house had a leak in the chimney and the roof. Our inspector Al Weiland noted,

"Fortunately I was there on a day where it was raining. As you can see the wood material is wet and discolored. The roof was installed a year earlier. The bottom right picture may be hard to see. However, it is a steel plumbing vent behind a laundry tub that is broken off."

The poor workmanship of the newly installed roof should be covered under a warranty, however the broken plumbing pipe may be difficult to fix. Our experienced inspector observed,

"The roof/chimney may not cost anything to get fixed. Hopefully they contacted the company that did the roof a year earlier and a warranty may still be in effect. The plumbing pipe may be a bit costly. It is broken off at a "T" near the floor and where the laundry tub is plumbed in. That may take some extensive surgery to fix. I am unable to estimate cost."

Our unbiased home assessments ensure you get all the necessary information and know the potential repair costs of the house before you make a commitment. Our roof inspections and foundation inspections mean we literally check your home from top to bottom. Buying a home without a home inspection is a gamble.

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