Franklin Home Inspection Finds Raccoons in Attic

Pre-Sale Inspection Saves Potential Home Buyers Money and Headaches

On one inspection I had a Buyer say to me, "I know the roof is fine so you don't have to spend a lot of time with that." I looked at him with amazement and said, "I haven't been on the roof yet but I can see problems from here." This roof was long overdue for replacement to an approximate cost of $7,000-10,000.

On the same inspection, I looked into the attic and found that raccoons had been living in the attic. They moved and matted down the insulation. There was waste and stains all over the place and the estimate to clean up around $5,500. Without our attic inspection the damage would have gone undiscovered and grown worse.

And lastly, the foundation. Walls had been pushed in on multiple sides with an estimated cost to repair of $17,000.

My client did not buy this house and found another house that I inspected. They paid $8,000 more for it and it was completely redone, professionally. Thanks to our inspection they got a home they could love without thousands of dollars in hidden damages.

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