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Foundation problems in Milwaukee homes can be costly to remediate. If you’re selling or buying a home, any problems with masonry, cement blocks, or concrete foundations in the basement needs to be thoroughly inspected. Attempting to sell a home with even minor foundational damage will lower the price when the house comes to market. What’s worse, if you don’t address the issues before you have an interested party, any potential buyer can use their own contractor’s assessment against you and will cost you money.

Wall to Wall provides home buyers and sellers across Southeast Wisconsin with comprehensive home inspections to ensure they get the best value for their real estate transactions. We inspect all accessible areas of your home, from wall to wall and roof to basement. Our foundation inspections will let you know if and where problems are so you can fix them before attempting to sell. Or if you’ve found your dream home our assessment will let you know if you are getting the best deal.

Most Common Home Foundation Problems

Foundations are made to last the life of a home, so all issues should be taken seriously. Even small problems develop into larger ones over time. Some of the symptoms of a failing home foundation include:

  • Cracks forming – a classic sign of foundation problems, these can be vertical, horizontal or follow a jagged zig-zag pattern
  • Floors and walls sagging or buckling – external pressure can affect poorly build foundations
  • Flaking, dusting, or crumbling of cement – this usually indicates excess moisture in cement substrates
  • Water damage – improper drainage can put undue pressure on foundations, leading to wetness in the basement

Wisconsin homes face additional foundation problems due to the regional soil makeup. Constant freezing and thawing can cause foundations to settle incorrectly, leading to problems as time goes on. Our local Wisconsin inspectors are experienced with spotting the signs of these foundation problems and reporting them in our assessments.

Contact the experts at Wall to Wall Home Inspections to ensure your home’s foundation is in good shape.

Radon and Your Home’s Foundation: What You Need to Know

Nearly all of Southeast Wisconsin has elevated levels of radon in the soil. Radon is a poisonous radioactive gas with no odor and is responsible for most lung cancer deaths, second only to smoking.  Your best defense against its infiltration in your Milwaukee home is to get reliable radon testing from Wall to Wall Home Inspections.

Radon gas is the natural result of the decay of radioactive elements found in Wisconsin’s soil. Most radon safely dissipates from the soil into the atmosphere. Basements act as a trap for radon gas and weak spots in the foundation may allow the gas to enter your home.

How to Detect Radon in your Home

Since much of the radon in Wisconsin seeps through the foundations and basements, a quality home inspection from Wall to Wall will reveal trouble spots where radon may seep in. Some of the biggest culprits of radon infiltration in your home include:

  • Stone foundations
  • Cracks and seams in concrete basement slabs
  • Cracks in foundation walls
  • Around chimneys
  • Gaps around plumbing pipes

 Radon levels can fluctuate based on weather. Wisconsin homeowners should have one to two radon inspections per year to keep the gas level in check. At Wall to Wall Home Inspection, we can perform radon testing while inspecting your home’s foundation. Learn about the affordable combined cost of inspections and radon testing and schedule your appointment today.

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