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Ice Dam in Gutter

Gutter Inspections Indicate Water Infiltration Issues

During home inspections, we often encounter many issues which require a lot of work. This one particular home had multiple issues, which would require costly repairs. According to Wall to Wall Home Inspections professional Al Weiland,

"This house had ice damming. As you can see, the ice is coming down the wall from behind the soffit material, dropping on top of the meter boxes. The brickwork is being pushed off the wall. I suspect water is getting behind the brickwork, freezing and expanding. Note the gaps at the windows and doors. You can see the original paint lines about an inch from where they were originally. I also found water in the attic. The patio concrete is pitched toward the house. Water is being directed toward the foundation. The roof was bad on the house and the garage is leaning."

Thanks to our inspector's extensive knowledge of the home building industry, he was able to view all aspects of the home and estimate repair costs.

"I estimate repairs are going to cost anywhere from $5,000-$15,000."

Armed with this knowledge, home buyers have the option to ask for money off the house’s asking price or ask the seller to fix it before the sale continues.

Importance of Functioning Gutters on Your Home

Gutters and downspouts are very important for water control around the home. At Wall to Wall, we ensure they are installed correctly, not dropping water around the house which will cause foundation and moisture problems in the basement. I often find gutters that are deteriorated, leaking, full of debris, and not pitched correctly. Downspouts are an essential part of a home’s gutter system, and I will report on any problems such as missing pieces and extensions, clogging, and split downspouts.

Trim Affected by Faulty Gutters

Trim for soffit, fascia, doors and windows come in a few different forms: wood, aluminum and vinyl. When I do an inspection, I am looking for damaged, deteriorated, loose, warped, and missing materials. It is common for soffit and fascia areas to have animal holes and insect nests. Windows may have loose or missing trim. It is also very common to have water leaking behind gutters, getting into the structure and causing damage. I check the caulking around windows and doors to see if it is cracked or missing. Maintaining the condition of these areas is essential to preventing water infiltration in any form.

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