Home Buying Checklist

Walkthrough Checklist - Things to Look for in Your Potential New Home

Milwaukee Home Inspection Checklist

Once you find a house and you think it could be The One, it's important to conduct your own personal home inspection during the initial showing. Be alert for obvious defects and deficiencies - things like noticeable cracks in the foundation or super soggy areas of the yard. Unless you're looking for a fixer-upper, a lot of obvious defects may be a reason to pass on putting in an offer. The state and nationally certified home inspectors at Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services have complied a handy home buying checklist you can consult during an initial walk through.

Quick Home Buying Checklist:

  • Landscaping: Does the drainage appear to be away from the home? Are there any obvious ponding issues?
  • Roof: Bring your binoculars. Take a quick look at the roof and ask when it was last replaced. Look for low hanging braches which could cause trouble. How does the chimney look?
  • Exterior: Does the house look like it will need repairs or repainting? Check to make sure the downspouts are firmly attached and ensure there are no loose wires dangling around. Are the gutters in good condition?
  • Basement: Does it feel damp? Is there any standing water? How old does the boiler/furnace look? Look for any cracks in the foundation walls.
  • Test all electrical switches and plumbing fixtures. Flip on lights, run the taps and flush the toilets to ensure everything appears to be running properly.
  • If you notice any unusual smells, be wary. It could signal a damp basement or hazardous mold growth which is expensive to remove.

Milwaukee Certified Home Inspectors

If you complete the walk through and don’t notice any major defects and decide to move forward with putting in an offer, calling a certified Milwaukee home inspector to complete a thorough inspection should be your next step, after the offer is accepted. The professionals at Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services will provide comprehensive, thorough, inspections to uncover any problems lurking undetected in the home. The Wall to Wall team is committed to customer satisfaction, even offering a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your completed inspection.

Many of the top local real estate agents recommend our services to prospective buyers. A full home inspection performed by our licensed and certified professionals will protect you from any hidden surprises which may arise after you're moved in. We're always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your new home, even after the inspection is completed.

Contact the Milwaukee home inspectors at Wall to Wall to schedule your appointment today.