Home Inspections for Wisconsin Landlords

Rental Property Inspections at Affordable Prices

Before you can rent out a property, you need to have a comprehensive home inspection. The state of Wisconsin requires various inspections so new residents know exactly what they are moving into. Inspections can be taxing for property owners and landlords who do not live at the residence in question. Previous tenants might have hidden signs of damage in order to keep a security deposit, leaving you unaware until new tenants move in and hold you responsible for repairs. Unfortunately, this means you are left searching the home top to bottom for potential problems. 

Don’t get stuck searching the home top to bottom for potential problems yourself. Save time and money by hiring Wall to Wall professional home and condo inspectors to check out your property for you.

Home Inspections for Local and Out-of-State Property Owners

If you rent out property in Wisconsin, contact Wall to Wall for home inspections before tenants move in and after they move out. Rental properties we inspect include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family houses
  • Condos and apartment units

Do you live out-of-state but have rental properties within Wisconsin? Wall to Wall will make the inspection process easier for you. And if you are renting through a realtor, you don’t even have to be present! They can be at the site in your place. Schedule a rental property inspection online today with Wall to Wall experts.

Interior Home Inspections in Southeast Wisconsin

Wisconsin Rental PropertyWall to Wall’s interior home inspections cover every room of the house from attic spaces to basements. Our professional inspectors check electrical panels, heating systems, and plumbing fixtures to ensure everything in the house is fully safe and in order. Our detailed inspection report will show all issues in the home which may require mitigation.

Wisconsin Radon Testing for Residential Buildings

Wisconsin buildings are susceptible to the buildup of radon gas, a radioactive byproduct of decaying uranium. This gas is especially common in Waukesha, Washington, and Milwaukee Counties. Radon can enter homes through the foundation and cause deadly health consequences to those living there. Annual tests are necessary to keep residents safe.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections provide radon tests at an affordable price for property managers. When paired with a full home inspection, radon testing costs $125. Test are also available independent of an inspection for only $150. Radon testing can literally save lives, so be sure to schedule it at regular intervals.

Exterior Property Inspections in Wisconsin

The occasional drive-by inspection will allow you to see if there are any obvious tenant violations. Yet detailed exterior home inspection from Wall to Wall inspectors will check for issues from the top of the roof down to the sidewalk. We use a pole mounted camera or ladder to view high up areas of the property.

Exterior inspections cover:

Make sure your property is secure inside and out with Wall to Wall’s comprehensive interior and exterior inspections.

Protect Your Rental Property from Tenant Damage

Wisconsin Tenant Lease AgreementIf you do not have move-in and move-out inspections performed at your property, you’re putting yourself at risk. Renters may perform their own inspections after they move in and make false documentation of damage they’ve caused in order to get out of paying for it later. While this is rare, it is best to protect yourself with a pre-move-in inspection to prove there are no problems with the property.

Inspections of rental properties should be performed twice a year to keep tabs on any changes. Contact Wall to Wall home inspectors to schedule an appointment. Remember, the tenants must be given notice a minimum of 12 hours before an interior exam is performed.

Move-Out Inspections: Be Thorough!

Move-out inspections are your chance to document any damage caused to the property by your tenants. You’ll want this inspection performed as soon as possible so you can start fixing the damage before your next renters move-in. Anything revealed in the inspection can be used to justify keeping the security deposit or taking the former renters to small claims court. Our inspection reports include photo documentation as proof.

Third-Party Inspections Protect Owners and Residents

Use Wall to Wall as a third-party inspector to protect yourself and your residents. We give an honest inspection to minimize issues between both parties. Our photos prove the condition of your rental property before move-in. And tenants will be reassured by a thorough inspection too.

Whether you own a duplex, condo, or multi-family home, Wall to Wall inspectors are ready to help protect you from your tenants.

Contact Wall to Wall Home Inspections to schedule a rental property inspection now.