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Southeast Wisconsin is a hot spot for radon gas — Waukesha County in particular. Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which occurs naturally as a product of decaying uranium found in the earth's crust.

As it turns into Radon, it escapes up through the ground and is released into the air. Radon causes approximately 21,000 deaths per year--more than drunk driving accidents. Since Radon is a gas, it can get into your home through even the smallest cracks or gaps in your walls or floors.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections offers Radon testing for homes across southeastern Wisconsin. We perform a simple test and have results in 48 hours. We can provide Radon testing as an add-on during home inspections and pre-sale inspections. If there is a high amount of Radon detected in your home, the problem can be easily solved by increasing and adjusting the ventilation in your home. The EPA has determined if your home has over 4 pCi/L of Radon gas present in your home, it needs to be immediately fixed.

Radon Levels and Home Sales in Wisconsin

The EPA has a helpful home buyers and sellers guide to Radon, which answers many common questions regarding Radon testing during a home transaction. Waukesha, Washington and Milwaukee Counties have high levels of Radon gas present, due to the high amount of naturally occurring radioactive materials decomposing in the soil.

Waukesha County has compiled a useful map of radon concentrations based on zip codes for the state of Wisconsin.

Buying and Selling a Home with High Levels of Radon

If a home is for sale, the sellers should be looking into every possible avenue to make their home more marketable. No matter if the real estate market is up or down, the home should appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. More and more buyers are conscious of radon levels when they begin their home search. In some cases, potential buyers treat radon testing as a requisite before they even consider the property. Wall to Wall Home Inspections will assist anyone looking to make their home more attractive to all buyers. Our accurate radon testing is the crucial first step toward mitigation.

We see more and more people becoming familiar with the health concerns surrounding exposure to high levels of Radon. As Radon-informed home buyers enter the market, both sides of the real estate market need to be aware of Radon testing in the home inspection phase of buying and selling. A home with minimized Radon levels is most beneficial to anyone in the real estate business.

Radon testing is an easy step toward creating a healthy environment in your home and is performed in Wisconsin and throughout the United States by professional home inspectors like Wall to Wall.

How Often Do I Need Radon Testing in My House?

There are a number of factors our Wall to Wall Radon experts recommend to determine the frequency of radon testing in your home. Changes in temperature and changes in home structure are a few of the major ways Radon can seep into parts of your home and affect its Radon levels. Our experts believe two tests a year will keep any home safe, but any change in temperature or in the home should motivate home owners to check for Radon.

Most radon testing performed in Wisconsin and throughout the United States is performed by professional home inspectors.

Don't put your family at risk. Contact the residential radon measurement providers at Wall to Wall Home Inspections and have your home tested today. We have top of the line Radon testing equipment and provide prompt, accurate and reliable service.

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