Pre-Sale Home Inspections

Disclosure Home Inspections for a Fair Selling Price

Al Weiland is not only nationally certified in home inspections, he's also a licensed real estate broker. This gives Wall to Wall Home Inspections unique insight into the home buying and selling process. In our experience, sellers often think a pre-sale inspection is unnecessary so long as they perform basic repairs on the home. Yet once you fill out the Real Estate Property Condition Report (also known as RECR) and list the home with a realtor, you give the buyers all the power due to right-to-cure and no-right-to-cure. You need a home inspection from the experts of Wall to Wall Home Inspections at the start of your home selling process to avoid cancelled sales and negative price adjustments.

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Right-to-Cure in Wisconsin: What Is It and How Does It Work?

When requested by the prospective buyer, the current owner of the house can be given the Right-to-Cure during the sale process. Essentially, the seller is allowed the opportunity to fix any undisclosed defects found during the buyer’s home inspection before the buyer can walk away from the deal or demand a price adjustment. This is used to avoid price adjustments or a cancelled agreement. Right-to-Cure laws tend to prolong real-estate negotiations, which generally benefit the buyer, and can lead to costly litigation if repairs are not made.

Real Estate Agent and Clients Prepare for a Pre-Sale Home InspectionNo-Right-to-Cure in Wisconsin: How Does It Compare?

If undisclosed problems are found and there is No-Right-to-Cure, the prospective buyer can ask you to fix the problem, request money off the listed price of your home so they can make repairs themselves, or walk away from the deal altogether.

In both of these situations, the seller ends up with the short end of the stick and the buyer has all the power. By following our home inspection process checklist with a quality pre-sale inspection and full disclosure, you can get a better price on your home. Avoid surprise Right-to-Cure costs by scheduling your inspection now.

Wisconsin's Real Estate Disclosure Rules

Pre-Sale Home Inspections Provide Complete Condition Reports and No Surprises

To ensure you get the most for your money, it's in your best interest to have a pre-sale inspection. You can use the information from the pre-inspection when filling out the condition report. The more you disclose the better: You’ll want a full record of potential problems. By disclosing all issues upfront in the condition report, the buyer cannot come back later and ask you to fix them. 

Pre-Sale Inspections give YOU Control when Selling a Home

For example, let's say you get a pre-sale inspection and Wall to Wall Home Inspections discovers your roof is in poor shape. You have the option to either:

Replace the roof and list at a higher price:
Pay for the roof replacement and recoup your loss by getting more for your house. You'll be able to use the newly replaced roof as leverage for a higher asking price.


Get roof repair estimates and adjust price:
You can then settle on a mid-priced bid and reduce the sale price of your home accordingly. It will still attract buyers because of the lower price, while fully disclosing the roof needs work.

Home Inspections for Cost Control When SellingCost Control in Home Selling or Rental

Whichever you decide, a pre-sale home inspection will give you the info you need to address home defects before they're discovered by the buyer. This will prevent a potential buyer from getting a home inspection, discovering the roof needs work, then going to the most expensive contractor in the area and asking you reduce the asking price by a significant amount.

If you are a Wisconsin property manager of apartments, condos, duplexes, or multi-family homes, third-party rental property inspections are recommended before and after tenants move in. Our reports will be the proof you need to show the residence is in good condition. And when tenants leave, you can compare the before and after inspection photos from our report to determine if any damage was done.

Another advantage of an early home inspection is improving the value of your home before it hits the market. Everything from major repairs to a fresh coat of paint can make your home more marketable. Take charge of selling your home with a quality pre-sale inspection. Rely on Wall to Wall Home Inspections for our exceptional pre-sale services and get the most for your home.

Contact the Wisconsin pre-sale home inspectors at Wall to Wall for a comprehensive home condition report and get more value from your home sale.