Porch and Deck Inspections for Milwaukee County

Wisconsin Inspectors Check Exterior Home Features

Many Wisconsin homeowners have porches, decks, and balconies on their homes in order to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. These home features need to bear a certain amount of weight and be constructed to certain standards to be considered safe for residential use. Wall to Wall Home Inspections of southeast Wisconsin offers residents comprehensive porch and deck examinations as part of our exterior home inspection service.

The older the porch or deck of your home, the more likely the wooden supports have begun to rot or the structure has weakened from use. Handrails, support posts, and steps need to be checked too. Schedule a home inspection from Wall to Wall and let our inspectors examine your deck and porch for you.

Safety from Deck and Porch Inspections

A properly constructed elevated deck or porch should be able to last your homes for years. Deck, porch, and balcony collapses are an unfortunate side effect of poor home construction. Every year there are reports of tragic accidents in which too many people stand on an outdoor structure only to have it crash down beneath them. In some cases the results are fatal.

Comprehensive home inspections from Wall to Wall can help prevent tragedy by finding problems with your home early. We’ll look for issues like rotting wood, missing ledger flashing, broken posts, nails instead of screws, and more. A thorough inspection of outdoor features will reveal any hidden issues so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Wisconsin Deck Inspections for SafetyModern Inspections on Older Home Features

Building codes change over time as construction methods become safer. Even a “young” deck of 10 years might no longer meet current standards. Wall to Wall inspectors are nationally certified. We know the latest safety standards and codes Wisconsin homes must meet. When we inspect your home we’ll know what to be on the lookout for.

Home inspections are recommended before buying or selling a house for exactly this reason. It’s the perfect opportunity to ensure every part of your home is up-to-date and completely safe. Our pre-sale inspections help sellers accurately fill out a Real Estate Property Condition Report. And first-time buyers can use their inspection to negotiate a better price or Right-to-Cure work.

Extra Dangers to Wisconsin Decks

Winter weather can take a toll on outdoor structures like decks in Wisconsin. Heavy snow, thawing ice, and rain can all cause damage to the exterior of your home.

Water can lead to mold and mildew forming around your deck. A missing or misaligned ledger can then allow moisture into your home, causing more damage. We look for signs of mold during our inspections.

Deck and Porch Inspections in WisconsinExterior and Interior Home Inspections in Milwaukee

Contact Wall to Wall home inspectors to have your entire home, inside and out, checked over. Our inspections cover:

Don’t forget to include radon testing with your inspection, as this is a common hazard in southeast Wisconsin homes.

Schedule a porch or deck inspection for your Milwaukee home with Wall to Wall Home Inspections.