Plumbing Inspections in Wisconsin

Wall to Wall Housing Inspectors Check for Leaks

Water is one of the most important utilities in a residential building. Pipes need to be in good shape to transport water at the right temperature and pressure. A single leak can leave you without running water. During Wall to Wall Home Inspections our certified inspectors check every plumbing fixture in your house for leaks.

Water Damage from Leaky Pipes

A few drops of water may not seem like a huge problem but they can add up over time. Moisture damage can lead to expensive long-term repairs. Pre-sale inspections can reveal leaky pipes before you put your house on the market so you can make the necessary repairs and improve your home’s value.

Another issue in homes with bad plumbing is mold. Mold infestations need only a little moisture to thrive. If it grows uninterrupted you will need professional remediation services to get rid of it. Our inspectors will detect mold growth in your home before it gets out of hand.

Frequent Areas with Moisture Issues in Wisconsin Homes

In addition to pipes, Wall to Wall Home Inspections check for leaks in:

Inspector Checking Plumbing FixtureThe freeze-thaw cycle leaves Wisconsin homes at great risk for water damage. Cold weather can freeze water in pipes and lead to bursts. This usually results in water damage in the walls or at the faucet where the pipe ends. Yet there are other ways water can get into your home.

Ice that thaws on a roof can seep into tiny shingle gaps, then freeze and expand them. As winter goes on and the process repeats the once small cracks become large enough to let water into your home. Get an inspection from Wall to Wall’s certified inspectors before winter starts so you can know your roof and shingles are secure.

Experienced, Local Wisconsin Home Inspectors

A proper home inspector should check every part of your house for damage and imperfections. And when we say we’ll check every plumbing fixture we really mean every plumbing fixture. Water heater in the basement? We’re there. Guest room bathroom showerhead? Done. That’s because we’ve seen what can happen when a small leak is missed by other inspectors.

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