Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Professional Wisconsin Inspectors Look for Hidden House Problems

Waukesha Home Inspector using Pole Mounted CameraMany people often ask us, why do I need a home inspection? The answer is simple – to uncover any hidden problems in the house before they become expensive nightmares to repair. New home buyers in particular need to arrange for home inspections before moving in. When you find a home you're excited about, it's often easy begin picturing how your furniture is going to fit. What you don’t imagine is where mold might be hiding or if the house has high radon levels. While you're planning how you want to decorate, hire a licensed and qualified home inspector from Wall to Wall Home Inspections to examine the rest of the house to ensure you're not stuck with any unwanted surprises after you move in.

We check all aspects of the home, which may not be on the forefront of a potential buyer's mind. Things like the roof/gutters/chimney systems, siding/trim systems, basement/attic, moisture issues, and all the electrical and plumbing systems are important to know before committing to a purchase. This includes radon testing. Our inspectors use their years of experience and extensive knowledge of home construction to check and identify any problems which could end up costing you a lot of money to repair, ensuring you get a fair price for the home.

Wisconsin Legally Require Pre-Sale Home Inspections

In the state of Wisconsin, home inspections are legally required when selling a house. When listing your house you must provide disclosure, also known as a Real Estate Property Condition Report. The report discloses any issue your home might have to prospective buyers. Our inspection will give you all the accurate information you report needs.

Are Home Inspections Worth the Cost?

Dangerous electrical found by Milwaukee Home InspectorDuring a typical home inspection, our licensed and certified team of professionals usually find anywhere from 5 to 10 items which need repairs. If you are in the process of buying a house and an inspection reveals issues, the price of the home may be adjusted by the seller to compensate for the cost of repairs. Or a Right-to-Cure agreement means the seller has to handle repairs before you move in. The price to repair is often higher than the fee you pay for a home inspection. You can either pay a little bit now or end up paying a lot more later.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections offers affordable inspections across Southeastern Wisconsin. We're so confident in our inspections we have an unbeatable money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the quality of our inspection we won't charge you the inspection fee. Read our entire home inspection money back guarantee and invest in a top quality home inspection today. Get a fair price for your home with top quality inspections from the professionals at Wall to Wall Home Inspections.

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