Garage Inspections in Southeast Wisconsin

Checking Attached and Detached Garages

Most Wisconsin homes have an attached or detached garage. If you’re selling your current house, the state of your garage can change the value of your property. And if you’re buying a home a damaged garage can be an expensive deal-breaker. It’s important to have your garage inspected alongside your home by the certified experts of Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services, LLC. During Wall to Wall garage inspections we check any electric and plumbing features.

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The Importance of Attached Garage Inspections

Any structure attached to your home needs to be treated as part of the house. A faulty outlet in the garage can lead to an electrical fire in your home. Bad venting can cause carbon monoxide to buildup. A problem in an attached garage needs to be taken seriously because it has a direct connection to your living quarters.

Does your home have a basement or share a foundation with the garage? We inspect those too.

The Benefits of Detached Garage Inspection Services

At first glance, checking a detached garage may not seem as necessary as when the garage is attached. However, it can raise or lower your property value. No one wants to buy a money pit in need of extensive repairs. And if the home is listed as having a garage potential buyers want to know they can use the garage.

Detached Garage in Milwaukee

There’s also the issue of safe and secure storage. Wisconsin homeowners store all sorts of items in both types of garages, from cars and snow blowers to extra furniture and family heirlooms. A leaky pipe over a vehicle can ruin the paintjob over time. Flooding after a storm might lead to mold on your old family photos. Know your garage is safe before storing your valuables within by calling Wall to Wall for an inspection.

Contact Wall to Wall to schedule a Wisconsin home inspection included an attached or detached garage.
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