Home Inspections for First Time Buyers in Milwaukee

Fix Your Home Buying Fears with Certified Wisconsin Inspectors

First-time home buyers face a new (and often terrifying) challenge on their way to home ownership. The simplest way to ease these fears is through a quality home inspection. The process is simple: your new-home-to-be will be examined from top to bottom in order to find potential repairs before you make your final purchase. Wall to Wall Home Inspection services give first-time homeowners in the Milwaukee area a money back guarantee and peace of mind when buying a home.

Our knowledgeable home inspectors carefully walk you through the process, answering any questions you may have. You’ll leave your first home inspection knowing all the possible repair projects ahead. You’ll be assured you’ve picked the perfect home OR know the house is not worth your investment. The important thing is you’ll know you’ve made the right choice once you have all the information from Wall to Wall Home Inspectors.

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Why you Need a Home Inspection

…and why Wall to Wall should be your first call

Our comprehensive home inspections help you understand the condition of one of your life’s biggest investments.  A quality home inspection could mean the difference between moving into a money pit or walking away free and clear. We cover all accessible aspects of your house, uncovering everything from hidden damage and shoddy repair work to actual building code violations. After our comprehensive inspection, you’ll know exactly what you’re investing your time and money in.

Our home inspection services typically cover:

Wisconsin Home for SaleMore than an Inspection – Wall to Wall educates new homeowners

Each of our inspections feature built-in training sessions for first-time homeowners. Besides answering all your questions, we’ll explain the functions of essential components of the property, recommend possible repairs where needed and inform you of any potential future issues. Our inspectors also point out important basement utility shutoffs and tag them for easy identification later. We’ll highlight components like:

  • Gas and water shutoffs
  • Furnace & water-heater valves
  • Central air controls
  • Heating duct dampers
  • Fuse boxes & circuit breakers

Do I need to be present for a home inspection?

Wall to Wall inspectors recommend buyers be on site for inspections. This will make it easier for you to ask questions or learn specifics about what we inspect. However, if you are out of state or otherwise unavailable inspections can be arranged with your realtor on your behalf.

How long the inspection takes will depend on the square footage of the home and any other structures on the properties. Large homes with garages and sheds will take longer than a single bedroom condo. Make sure you and your realtor have ample time set aside for the inspection.

Clear & Simple Home Inspection Reports

Couple Buying Milwaukee HomeWhether you’re buying on your own or working with a realtor, having a comprehensive and easy to understand home inspection report is an essential step in getting the most out of your investment. You’ll need to know whether or not the seller has the right to cure defects. It’s also helpful to have certified documentation of damages and repairs will protect you from the nasty shock of unexpected repair costs.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections reports feature:

  • Quick Reporting things move fast in the home buying process. Our official electronic .pdf reports arrive via email to your preferred address, often on the same day.
  • Easy-to-read – Our reports use plain language to describe damage to clearly defined sections of your home. Jumplinks help you navigate to each section for quick reference.
  • Photo Documentation – Pictures=1000 words. Our inspectors take high-quality snapshots of troubled areas of your home, with arrows highlighting specific points of damage or neglect. We even take video when necessary!

Avoid Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Buying a home for the first time comes with some unique obstacles. Make sure you plan ahead:

  • Budget for potential repairs and remodeling – a few cosmetic changes are expected when moving
  • Closing without an inspection – you may overpay for a house in need of expensive repairs if you don’t get your home checked first
  • Negotiate the closing cost with repairs in mind – you can ask the seller to knock down the price to account for repairs you need; you can also ask the seller to make repairs before you move in

First Time Wisconsin Home BuyerGet the professionals in your corner when you buy your home. Wall to Wall home inspectors are experts in the Wisconsin home buying process, whether it’s your starter home or retirement dream. In addition to being fully certified by several state and nationally recognized organizations, our principle inspector is also a licensed real estate broker.

Our certifications include:

  • Nationally Certified Home Inspector
  • Wisconsin State Certified Inspector, Certification #1037
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker, License #40981
  • Wisconsin State Certified Rental Weatherization Inspector, Certification #890095
  • NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors), #NACHI08021908

There’s more to home inspections than shining a flashlight under the sink or testing the light switches. Wall to Wall professional inspectors go above and beyond by checking the full interior and exterior of your new home. We examine the roof, the foundation, and everything in between. Schedule your inspection now before settling on any closing costs.

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