Electrical Outlet Inspection in Wisconsin

Get Your Home’s Electric System Checked Before Moving In

No modern home is complete without an electrical system. Yet many older Wisconsin homes have outdated wiring or outlets. The electrical system needs to be inspected before you buy a new home to prevent expensive repairs and dangerous issues after you move in.

Electrical system problems can lead to:

  • Power outages
  • Short circuits
  • Appliance failure
  • Electrical fires

Wall to Wall Home Inspectors provides affordable home inspections for Wisconsin home buyers, renters, and property managers.

Electrical Inspection Equipment

Wall to Wall’s customized inspection program uses the latest equipment to provide in-depth inspections. When we check electrical systems we use infrared thermometers to find potential issues. This system uses infrared light to scan electrical panels, circuits, and outlets. Our home inspection software directly connects a mobile smartphone with a laptop to record the results of each inspection.

Electrical Panel in Wisconsin HomeIf we encounter any problems during the inspection, we make a note, take a photograph and include it in the home inspection report. Our home inspections are so comprehensive, they come with a money back guarantee. You can be confident Wall to Wall Home Inspections is the best choice for your home inspection.

In additional to electrical systems, we offer radon testing and use sensitive gas detectors to find other hazardous leaks. View our Home Inspection Checklist to learn the full scope of our inspections.

Expert Home Inspectors Go Above and Beyond

Wisconsin inspection laws only require some electrical components be checked in homes. This method of limited testing means too many factors can be overlooked. Wall to Wall Home Inspections tests every accessible outlet. Along with electrical systems, we check things like gutters, roof shingles, and plumbing systems.

No one wants to find their dream home is full of problems after they move in. Our thorough inspections are designed to detect every possible issue as early as possible. By going beyond what is “required” by the state, Wall to Wall provides you with a better understanding of your home.

The Benefits of Electrical Inspections

Milwaukee Duplex WiringWall to Wall Home Inspectors have decades of experience and know what to look for in houses. For examples, we once inspected a Milwaukee duplex and discovered a “shared” electrical connection. Two fuse boxes were connected through a former landlord’s DIY wiring. This shoddy electrical work meant both units were in danger of power failures and electrical fire. By finding and documenting the problem, the new landlord could fix it before any tenants moved in.

Our job is to find the issues others miss. Our goal is to find fixable problems before they become expensive home repair nightmares.

  • Outdated service panels
  • Frayed wiring
  • Broken switch plates
  • Wet area outlets in kitchens and bathrooms

Pre-Sale Electrical Inspections

If you are selling a home or renting out property, an electrical inspection can save you a lot of hassle later on. Wisconsin requires sells to disclose a Real Estate Property Condition Report to potential buyers and renters. If our inspectors find electrical problems early in the pre-sale process you can get them fixed so you can get the full value of your property.

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