Door and Window Inspections in Southeast Wisconsin

Go Beyond “A Random Sample of Doors and Windows”

When you move into a new home you probably change the locks right away. After all, you don’t want to find out a neighbor still has the old key and can get in any time. However, the door itself may be in need of replacing in order to keep your house secure. Wall to Wall Home Inspections checks all accessible doors and windows in your home.

In the state of Wisconsin, home inspections require “a random sample of doors and windows” be checked. That’s not enough for our certified inspectors. We check all accessible windows and doors in so you can rest assured your home is safe.

Interior and Exterior Entryway Inspections

Windows and doors need to balance form and function. Every entryway needs to be secure yet offer easy access to residents. Yet poor construction and installation can leave your home vulnerable. Windows and doors can have many hidden flaws:

  • Misaligned lock and latch
  • Broken sash
  • Broken glass
  • Rusted, loose, or squeaky hinges
  • Rotted wood
  • Missing flashing
  • Warped frame
  • Outdated weather-stripping
  • Drafts

Drafty Window in Wisconsin

There may be noticeable issues outside which are hidden from inside and vice versa. Wall to Wall inspectors check windows and doors from inside and outside. As long as the window or door is accessible, we will inspect it.

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Save on Home Security with New Doors and Windows

Damaged Wisconsin DoorThink about how many doors and windows are in your home. Any installation issues can leave your home at risk for robberies and vandalism. Our nationally certified inspectors investigate all exterior doors so you can feel secure in your home.

There’s also the issue of long-term savings. Do you want to find out the attic window isn’t functional after you move in? What about the door that’s stuck shut in the basement? By checking all accessible doors and windows, Wall to Wall Home Inspections finds these problems early enough to arrange low cost repairs.

If you are still in the process of buying your first home, the cost for repairing broken windows or doors can be taken from the final cost of the house. But you can only make these request if you know what needs to be fixed. Wall to Wall reports give you a full rundown of potential problems. If you are selling your home and have a pre-sale inspection, you can avoid price negotiations by getting issues repaired before any buyers come by.

Weather and Pest Protection in Southeast Wisconsin

Secure windows and stores do more than protect your home from intruders – they keep out the elements as well. A poorly sealed window or door can allow rainwater into the house. Damaged windows frames may create the perfect environment for pests to enter your home. In fact, Wall to Wall once found raccoons living in a Franklin attic. The homeowners were able to seal the hidden entrances and stop more critters from ruining the insulation.

Properly sealed window and door frames keep your home’s environment balanced. Hidden drafts can cost you big time during extreme temperatures. Instead of blasting the AC or heat, have your windows and doors inspected. And water in your home can lead to mold growth.

Affordable Full House Inspections

Wall to Wall home Inspections covers your entire home, inside and out. We inspect:

In addition, we provide affordable radon testing. This gas is unfortunately common in Waukesha County. Make sure your home is safe and secure with our inspections.

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