Home Inspectors Identify Moisture Issues

Wall to Wall educates clients on Wisconsin water damage

Moisture issues are common in southeast Wisconsin. Winter snow causes ice to buildup in gutters and roofs. Then heavy spring rain leads to basement flooding. Lots of homeowners deal with water damage as a result. Wall to Wall Home Inspections check your home for signs of moisture issues before you’re left with a wet, expensive mess.

As with all of our inspections, educating our clients is a priority. We want to help you understand how moisture problems arise in your home, and how to detect them. Wall to Wall Home Inspection teaches Milwaukee-area homeowners about proper foundation grading, roof flashing, gutter and downspout systems and how to spot their issues.

Keeping these aspects of your home functioning properly is the best way to keep your home dry, warm and healthy. During your home inspection, we’ll identify potential problem areas, assess damage and recommend remediation methods.

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Water Damage in My Home – How to Identify, Clean, and Prevent Moisture

Moisture is the leading cause of damage to man-made structures. Dampness can warp wood, crumble drywall, crack masonry, and cause adhesion failures in flooring. The home inspectors at Wall to Wall take moisture problems seriously. If you’re in the process of buying a Wisconsin home for the first time, Wall to Wall Home Inspections are your best defense against unknowingly purchasing a property with moisture issues. With a keen eye for telltale moisture signs, our experts assess moisture giveaways like:

Subgrade Dampness Issues: Basements and Foundations

Basement Moisture Revealed through Wall to Wall Home Inspections

home’s basement is both the most likely place to have a moisture problem—it’s also the most difficult place to discover it. Most Wisconsin basements have a high relative-humidity, often causing mold in carpeting, wall paper, dry wall and furniture in the absence of a de-humidifier. Wall to Wall takes special care to detect moisture problems in your potential home’s basement, saving you time, money, headaches and sickness in the future.

Foundation Problems from Water Flooding

Moisture causes the most problems in basements when it affects the building’s foundation. When moisture gathers around the foundation, Wisconsin’s freezing and thawing cycles can expand the liquid, adding external pressure to the walls. When this leads to bowing in the foundation walls, you may have a real problem. The certified home inspectors at Wall to Wall will take measurements of foundation walls to determine the extent of any leaning or bowing.

Understanding the nature and severity of home moisture problems can be the difference between buying a quality home or a money pit. Armed with the knowledge provided by Wall to Wall about moisture issues, home buyers can make the most informed buying decision.

Efflorescence – What You Need to Know

The home inspectors at Wall to Wall often find efflorescence, a type of alkaline buildup, in Milwaukee homes and basements. Efflorescence is an indicator of moisture issues in the foundation and can damage the finish on cinder block walls.

What is efflorescence and how to I detect it?

Efflorescence Brick Wall in BasementEfflorescence is an alkaline buildup of water soluble salts on the surface of concrete and masonry. It appears as a powdery white substance on building surfaces, and develops much like sweat stains develop on a baseball cap. Efflorescence is evidence of moisture accumulation in mineral-based building materials. While some alkaline deposits can be expected, particularly in new structures, excess efflorescence can be problematic.

Is it bad for your health?

The buildup can resemble mold but is usually not a health hazard. It’s mostly an aesthetic problem. The presence of efflorescence may indicate more serious moisture-related issues. Some of these same moisture issues can lead to mold growth, which may be hazardous to your health.

How should I remove it?

Fortunately, efflorescence is fairly simple to remove. Scrubbing with a bristled brush and simple dish soap will usually clean the problem effectively. However, the cause of moisture must be identified to prevent further staining. Our home inspectors will locate where efflorescence is in your home so you know where you will need to watch out for moisture problems.

Before you buy a house, schedule an appointment with our Wisconsin home inspection experts at Wall to Wall to catch hidden moisture problems in your desired home.