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Wall to Wall Home Inspection Service Fees

At Wall to Wall, our experience, flexibility, and technology lets us provide the most thorough and affordable inspections in the industry – check out our customer reviews we received or go to Google, YelpHomeAdvisor or Angie's List. In addition, we provide the fastest electronic report turnaround time – same day, within 2-3 hours after the inspection is completed. An investment in a professional home/condo inspection will save you money and time in the long run.

A Wall to Wall Home Inspection now can save you tons of money later by catching construction problems, mold and mildew, and code violations before they ruin your home. A low cost inspection now can save you thousands in repairs down the road. Schedule an appointment now so we can inspect your single-family home, condo, or other dwelling:

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Calculate your inspection costs based on housing type and square footage:

Home Inspection and Radon Testing Cost Estimates


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SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES: $370.00 for 1500 square foot or under

  • Single family homes greater than 1500 sq ft are an additional $.15 for every square foot above 1500
  • Homes over 4000 sq ft = $200.00/hour
  • Radon Testing with inspection = $125.00 ($150.00 without inspection)

House Examples:

1500 sq ft or less: $370.00
1800 sq ft: $370.00 + (300 sq ft x 0.15): $415.00
2254 sq ft: $370.00 + (754 sq ft x 0.15): $483.00

Multi-family homes: Duplex $500.00, 3 family $625.00, 4 family $750.00, Partial (5 Point) Inspection $300.00 per building (5 Point Inspection is the roof, basement, water heaters, furnaces, and main power panels only)


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CONDOS: $300.00 minimum fee for 2000 sq ft and under

(Typically exteriors and basements of the condos are maintained by the association and are excluded from the inspection. If you want the exterior and basement to be inspected, use the single family house pricing above)

  • Condos greater than 2000 sq ft are an additional $.15 for every square foot above 2000
  • Radon Testing with inspection = $125.00 ($150.00 without inspection)

Condo Examples:

1200 sq ft: $300.00
2100 sq ft: $300.00 + (100 sq ft x .15): $315.00
2800 sq ft: $300.00 + (800 sq ft x .15): $420.00

 ** 1 House/Condo and 1 Garage is included in the fees. Additional structures will incur added fees. **

** Inspections more than 30 miles from Milwaukee may be subject to an additional travel fee. **


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Affordable Home Inspections for MilwaukeePlumbing Problems Found by Inspector

A superior home or condo inspection will identify problems in a home which would otherwise go unnoticed. Since each home is unique, pricing could vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Home Style (e.g. Ranch, Bungalow, Two Story, Colonial etc)
  • Age
  • Square Footage*
  • Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Garage Size
  • Finished Basement (full or part)

*If you don’t know the sq. ft. of the house/condo to be inspected, call or text me and I will help you figure it out to provide a more accurate pricing model.

All these features factor into the price of the inspection, and we're happy to offer free quotes on any home inspection. Simply give us a call or send a text to 414-333-6325 with the property address and/or MLS number. If you send us a text message, we usually reply within 20 minutes.

House Inspection Fees are Worth the Security and Peace of MindAffordable Milwaukee Home Inspections

Very often, the first question people have for our inspectors is, "How much do you charge for a home inspection?" The answer is - it depends. We offer fair, honest, and competitive pricing for each home inspection we perform, based on the factors and guidelines listed above. A brand new home will have different inspection requirements than an older condo.

Putting a home inspection fee into perspective, if the home you're looking to purchase is $150,000 and the home inspection fee is $370, that's less than .03% of the cost of the home. Considering most real estate agents will charge a 6% commission to sell a home, the cost of a home inspection is very reasonable.

The goal of our inspections is to find possible issues before they grow into unfixable problems. You don’t want to spend a hundred thousand dollars on your dream house only to be left spending more and more on constant repairs. Our inspections can reveal issues during the buying process so you can get a discount on the final price or get repairs covered by the current owner.

Buy or Sell a Wisconsin Home without Surprises

Surprise Home Repair in WisconsinPrice shouldn't be the only criteria for whether you get a home inspection. Both the seller and buyer should get their own inspections for legal protection. If we uncover any hidden damage during the buying process of a new house, it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs after move in and secure a fair price for the home based on an accurate assessment. If the home is in excellent condition, you'll have peace of mind knowing your new investment is ready for move in.

Wall to Wall’s experienced Wisconsin home inspectors go above and beyond typical home inspections. We thoroughly inspect each corner and crawlspace ensuring there is no hidden surprises. Our home inspection reports are an incredibly useful tool. With detailed notes and photos, you'll know exactly what imperfections the house has and which issues need to be addressed. And we have a satisfaction guarantee available too!

Wall to Wall Home Inspection Serving Southeast Wisconsin

Invest in a quality home inspection now to avoid dealing with unforeseen problems and headaches after moving into your new home. Wall to Wall Home Inspections averages about 200-300 home inspections per year, giving us extensive experience we're happy to share with you. We use industry leading technology to provide each customer with a high-quality home inspection at an affordable price.

Call or send a text to 414-333-6325 and you’ll be on your way to getting a great inspection by Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services.

Contact Milwaukee home inspection professionals for affordable services.