Attic Inspections in Southeast Wisconsin

Home Inspectors Check Attics and Crawlspaces

Wall to Wall Home Inspections provides attic and crawlspace inspections for Wisconsin homeowners. The vents, exhaust ducts, and rafters all need to be thoroughly examined for signs of damage. Winter snow and heavy summer storms can lead to damage in your attic. The longer it remains undiscovered, the more it will spread to the rest of your home.

The main things we look for in attics:

  • Structural integrity and support
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Water stains or seepage

Our certified inspectors will check every part of your attic or crawlspace to find issues before they become expensive repair nightmares. Our low cost home inspections help you save before buying, selling, or renting a residential property.

Structural Integrity and Support

Wisconsin attics and crawlspaces are just as important as to the structure of a house as the basement foundation. Any damage to the rafters or trusses can have long-term consequences to your home. If the support weakens the roof could collapse.

Wisconsin Attic Inspections

An attic inspection will find possible rafter and truss damage before it spreads. Minor repairs are more affordable than replacing an entire roof support system.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation in the attic is meant to control the interior temperature of your home by keeping cold out and heat in. The wrong insulation material can leave your home’s temperature fluctuating throughout the year. Our inspectors will determine the insulation type and placement. Inadequate insulation will mean your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to heat or cool the house.

We then check how well the attic or crawlspace ventilates. Roof and soffit vents need to direct air to the exterior of the home. Birds sometimes nest in ventilation ducts for the warmth and shelter. The resulting nest debris can lead to clogs. We’ll check your ventilation ducts are free from all animal debris.

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Water Stains or Seepage

Water from rain and snow should be kept out of your home by roof shingles and siding. Leaks in the attic can eventually seep down to the rest of your home. Our inspectors search for any signs of water infiltration in your attic and crawlspaces.

Our attic inspections are paired with interior and exterior inspections of your entire home. Learn more about all the services we have to offer homeowners and property managers in southeast Wisconsin.

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