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Milwaukee Home Inspector using Home Inspection Software

Al Weiland, a nationally certified home inspector and owner of Wall to Wall Home Inspections shares his story:

"I've been in the construction industry most of my life. My father owns a roofing company and I started working with him when I was 11 years old. In the mid 1980's I owned a home remodeling company; in the 90's I worked in the new construction industry in sales, cost accounting, and expeditor training.

"After the new construction industry started to slow at the end of the 90's, I decided to start Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services, LLC. My goal, at the start, and is still today, is to provide home buyers all across Southeastern Wisconsin with an exceptional, professional home inspections at a fair price. I keep this principle at the heart of every home inspection I do. I offer to put my years of experience in the home buying, remodeling, selling and building industry to work for you."

Wisconsin Home Inspection Laws: Wall to Wall Exceeds Expectations

Why Doing "What's Required" is Not Enough

Wisconsin state laws only require a representative number of electrical components, windows, doors and so on in a home be tested by the inspector. However, by only testing a limited number of outlets, windows, etc. non-functioning items could be overlooked, causing headaches for the home buyer after the transaction is completed. Wall to Wall Home Inspections tests every accessible window, outlet/switch, plumbing fixture, etc. to ensure everything is functioning correctly. By going beyond what is “required”, we provide you with a better understanding of your home.

If we encounter any problems during the inspection, we make a note, take a photograph and include it in the home inspection report. Our home inspections are so comprehensive, they come with a money back guarantee. You can be confident Wall to Wall Home Inspections is the best choice for your home inspection.

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When do you need a home inspection?

Both first-time and long-term homeowners often wonder when they need a home inspection or if annual home inspections are even necessary. Home inspections are needed whenever you buy or sell a home in order to reduce surprises after you move-in. No one wants to find out their dream home has a leaky roof or faulty wires after they’ve already signed off on the purchase. And if you already own a house, radon testing is recommended for Wisconsin homeowners. This dangerous gas is common in southeast Wisconsin homes.

We recommend inspections:

Wisconsin Certified Home Inspector

Milwaukee Home Inspector Examining the Exterior of a HomeIn addition to years of experience, we’re fully certified by a variety of state and nationally recognized organizations. Our certifications/licenses include:

  • Nationally Certified Home Inspector
  • Wisconsin State Certified Inspector, Cert#1037
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker, Lic#40981
  • Wisconsin State Certified Rental Weatherization Inspector, Cert#890095
  • NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors), #NACHI08021908
  • National Recreational Vehicle Inspector

Innovative Home Inspection Technology

Home Inspection Software

Wall to Wall Home Inspections uses top of the line technology and equipment while performing home inspections. We have a customizable program which allows photos and comments to be immediately documented and included in the completed report, personalized to each individual home. Our innovative home inspection software connects our inspector's smart phone to a laptop computer. Any pictures or notes taken during the inspection are immediately documented and saved. This allows us to complete the report within hours after the home inspection is completed. You will receive the finished, detailed report the same day as the inspection.

In addition to our customized inspection program, we use laser levels to ensure the foundation is level, infrared thermometers to detect any potential electrical problems and sensitive gas detectors to make sure there aren't any hazardous leaks.

Resourceful Home Inspection Tools

Unique to our Milwaukee home inspection process is the use of a wireless expandable pole mounted camera for viewing the roof if we are unable to set up a ladder, or if any portion of the roof is covered. This is especially useful during the winter months, when it isn't safe or practical to get on the roof. Inspecting the roof is a critical part of any home inspection, since typically the roof tends to be one of the most overlooked portions of a home and roof repairs get costly.

Certified, Experienced, Tech-Savvy Home Inspector

We combine our years of experience and the latest technology to give you a thorough, accurate report of your potential new home. Wall to Wall Home Inspections guarantees customer satisfaction after every inspection, even offering a money back guarantee. We're always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, even after the inspection is completed.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections is happy to announce we’re expanding to include a new home inspector: our son Luke! He has completed both state and national inspection tests. We’ve improved our services since we now have two professionals at each inspection.

Contact Southeastern Wisconsin's top home inspector and let our experience help you buy your dream home.