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Since 2001 Wall to Wall Home Inspections has been Southeastern Wisconsin's best choice for home inspection services. Our certified home inspection specialists perform the full complement of tasks required for a full pre-sale inspection. From roofs to gutters, and foundations and masonry, we check it all to make sure you know what you are investing in, and our inspections are guaranteed.

We use industry-leading home inspection technology, including software which allows us to take photos and notes, incorporating them in a .pdf home inspection report in real time. Pole mounted cameras allow us to see hard to reach places, ensuring no area of the home is missed. Whether you’re looking to buy a historic home along Henry Clay Street or if you want a house right on Lake Michigan, the experienced home inspectors at Wall to Wall Home Inspections have the knowledge and technology to provide superior home inspections at fair and honest prices.

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Located within minutes of downtown Milwaukee and right on beautiful Lake Michigan, it’s no surprise Whitefish Bay is prime real estate. A safe community with highly efficient and effective government services and a long history, Whitefish Bay is home to many high end houses. Wall to Wall Home Inspections is happy to provide superior home inspection services for home buyers and sellers in Whitefish Bay.

"...His service is exactly what is intended by a general home inspection, an overview of the house condition with notes and recommendations to contact specialists where any concerns are found. After moving in, we found a few minor issues that were not caught during the inspection (upstairs bathroom faucet leak, loose toilet mount), but the items of more concern were captured and we were able to get the seller to pay for a new chimney cap and cleaning, and new shower plumbing. After a month in our new house, we are very pleased with our service from Wall-to-Wall. I thought that the pictures and the format of the inspection report set Wall-to-Wall apart from some of the others that I researched in the Milwaukee area. Wall-to-Wall also offers radon testing and we paid an additional $100 for this." Matthew H., Whitefish Bay

Radon Testing Services for Whitefish Bay

Southeastern Wisconsin's soil has elevated levels of radon gas, which can be a cause for concern for Whitefish Bay homeowners. Wall to Wall Home inspections performs radon testing as an addition to our home inspections ($100) or as a stand alone service ($125). If we detect unsafe levels of radon in your Whitefish Bay home, we can recommend steps toward mitigation, so your family will be safe.

Whitefish Bay Home Permits and Licensing Information

During a home inspection, we usually find anywhere between 5-10 areas of the home requiring attention or renovation. Occasionally, we find homes with unusual fixes, which may not be up to code. In older, historic homes it’s especially important to check with the Whitefish Bay Building Inspection Department to see if permits were pulled for the job. Any home repairs involving electrical wiring or plumbing requires a permit from the local government. It’s always a good idea to check before beginning any home renovations.

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Whitefish Bay home inspected by Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services
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Whitefish Bay Home Inspected by Wall to Wall
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Whitefish Bay Home Inspected by Wall to Wall
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Whitefish Bay Home Inspected by Wall to Wall
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