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Wall to Wall Keeps Village of River Hills Safe with Home Inspection Services

Home and Condo Pre-Sale Inspections Services by Wall to Wall

The Milwaukee River creates a natural border serving as the western limit for the River Hills community. Being north of downtown Milwaukee, the citizens of this city are neighbors to Mequon and Brown Deer. Wall to Wall has been providing River Hills with Wisconsin’s best home inspection services, protecting home buyers and sellers and saving them money.

Those in the real estate market near the Milwaukee Country Club or Lynden Sculpture will need home inspectors to make sure their property is safe and void from risks. Wall to Wall inspectors are able to use their industry-leading technology to make sure every inch of a home is safe, so a River Hills family can rest assured they know the exact condition of their home.

River Hills House Inspection

A unique fact about this community is there are no businesses allowed in the River Hills Village and Wall to Wall wants to be the only number you call when you are selling or buying a home. Discovering a home that has extensive damage is information you’ll definitely want before you sign on the dotted line. Avoid costly damage by hiring Wall to Wall to examine all of your River Hills home, including:

  • Exterior: roofing, siding, gutters, windows
  • Interior: electrical systems, outlets
  • Attic & crawlspaces:  foundation, insulation, structural components
  • Basement: settling, water leakage
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms: plumbing, pipes

Building Permits in River Hills  

Whenever a River Hills home owner calls our office, one of our first questions is if they know the full home repair and remolding history. If not, we direct them to their city’s building permit history archive to see what previous home owners have done.

This history is important because if you thought your basement had been renovated in the past half-decade or so, but a permit was never filed there could a problem. At home do-it-yourself renovations can mean expensive repairs when you try to buy or sell your home. You also may discover some repairs are still under warranty.

River Hills Radon Testing

In the Milwaukee area, radon is a common problem for family homes. Wall to Wall helps keep all River Hills families safe by a thorough radon test inspection. If the home does test positive, the experts at Wall to Wall Home Inspections will recommend remediation.

Contact Wall to Wall Inspections and keep your family safe with the best radon testing in Wisconsin.  


River Hills home inspected by Wall to Wall Home Inspections
North Dean Cir., River Hills, WI 53217
River Hills home inspected by Wall to Wall
West Calumet Rd., River Hills, WI 53217
River Hills Home Inpsected by Wall to Wall
West Dean Rd., River Hills, WI 53217