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Located in the heart of Racine County, Raymond is a small, close knit community. It boasts a rural, country lifestyle just a short drive away from Metropolitan Milwaukee. High quality of life and friendly neighbors make Raymond the ideal community for those looking to get away from it all without being stuck in the boonies. During the summer, Raymond hosts car shows, concerts and an annual July Barn Dance. The licensed home inspection professionals at Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services have extensive experience using industry leading technology to provide comprehensive inspections for both home buyers and sellers in Raymond and the rest of Racine County.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

The home inspectors at Wall to Wall are fully certified for quality inspection in the Town of Raymond, with a focus on not only evaluating the quality of Raymond homes, but also educating homeowners on the workings of their homes. We point out vital areas of the home, including HVAC components, gas and water valves and electrical panels. In addition, we fully inspect all areas of your home, including:

  • Roofs, gutters, soffits, and fascia
  • Electrical outlets
  • Foundations
  • Attics
  • HVAC/Water Heaters
  • Water fixtures
  • Basements
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Raymond Home Building Permit Information

The rural location of Raymond means many resourceful homeowners often perform DIY fixes throughout the home. While many are perfectly fine, we occasionally encounter fixes which are unusual, or would have required a permit from the Raymond Building Inspection Department. Typically, when performing any work or renovations involving plumbing or electricity, a permit needs to be obtained from the local municipality. The Raymond Building Inspection Department is a valuable resource for homeowners.

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