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Meticulous Certified Home Inspection Services for Genesee

Wall to Wall combines 20 years of home inspection experience with advanced monitoring technology to offer home buyers or sellers an impeccably detailed account of their home’s components. Our inspections enhance safety, value and bargaining leverage for only 350 to 400 dollars.

Whether your home is in Genesee or somewhere else in southeastern Wisconsin, Wall to Wall promises value. We scrutinize your home inside and out, accounting for many components that you wouldn’t even consider including:

  • Plumbing
  • Major Appliance Testing
  • Roofing and Shingles
  • Insulation
  • Air ducts and HVAC systems
  • Ridge and fascia board lines
  • Siding and Trim
  • Electrical
  • Windows
  • Foundations

These are only a fraction of the components Wall to Wall’s fastidious inspectors will evaluate for your Genesee home. In fact, we’ll address 112 categories in your home, interior and exterior. If we don’t spend at least two hours on your property with tools, , clipboards, paperwork, and pens at the ready we haven’t worked. Comprehensive inspections are serious. Your home is a laborious investment—you have the right be informed of any potential issues.

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Our Home Inspectors Explain the Intricacies of Your Genesee Home

We support informed homeownership, whether buying or selling. Our home inspection and detailed reporting is futile if it doesn’t explain the intricacies of homes. Detailed information about a home’s infrastructure results in increased long term value and satisfaction for the homeowner.

Wall to Wall inspects but also teaches. We request our clients’ presence as we evaluate your home so we can explain potential problems as we jot them down. Your questions are important to us as well, so feel free to ask.. You’ll receive a detailed explanation to enhance your appreciation of the complexities of your home’s infrastructure and improve your commitment to its maintenance. After working with Wall to Wall you’ll be able to locate gas and electrical shut-offs. Our inspectors will teach you about drainage and humidity management, and we’ll explain all issues, large and small, with a meticulous home inspection report. For your convenience, the report can be uploaded to your tablet, PC or smartphone

Tech-Savvy Home Inspections and Electronic Reporting from Wall to Wall

Experience and cutting-edge instruments is a pivotal combination for meticulous home inspection reporting. We employ  a wide variety of technical tools like laser levels, wireless camera systems, carbon monoxide analyzers, commercial-grade gas leak detectors and more. Your home keeps no secrets from our expert inspectors and their probing implements.

While many southeastern Wisconsin home inspectors leave you with a disorganized stack of papers with confusing notes, Wall to Wall employs cutting-edge reporting software. We’ll email you a user-friendly report which you can easily forward to your realtor. There’s no need to mess with filing a chunk of space-consuming paperwork. With Wall to Wall’s electronic report, you can keep your report data in your pocket at all times for maximum convenience and accessibility. We have hardcopy reports available as well.

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Pre-sale Radon Testing for Genesee Homes

The soil in Wisconsin has elevated levels of radioactive radon gas, which has been shown to be a leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. This gas can seep into your basement through cracks in the foundation and voids around access pipes. Wall to Wall Home Inspections offers reliable radon testing for Wisconsin homes, either as a standalone service ($125) or as an add-on with a home inspection ($100).

Genesee Home Permit Information

Legendary entertainers Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt chose the tranquil green fields of Genesee for their opulent Ten Chimneys mansion, a proud Genesee landmark. It was their retreat for personal and artistic rest.

But you don’t have to be a glamourous actress revered for comical timing or an actor who pioneered chaotic dialogue to seek rest in Genesee. Almost 8,000 southeastern Wisconsinites have found their own oases here about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee. Residents enjoy large acreages and handsome, abundant homes. Regardless of the size or the age of your Genesee home, Wall to Wall is one of the area’s most trusted inspectors to help you protect your equity.

Guidelines for Genesee Building Permits

Construction, remodeling and many home repairs require proper permitting, which ensures improvements are up to code and safety standards. Wall to Wall studies these standards, and suggests you are familiar with the permitting and repair history of your Genesee home.

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