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Franksville Home Inspection and Radon Testing

Wall To Wall Home Inspections serves Franksville

Wall to Wall Home Inspections is pleased to serve clients in Franksville and its surrounding rural community, offering the best and most complete home inspection services available.

Located mainly along Hwy K in Racine County, Franksville represents the western end of Caledonia and was the former home of Frank’s Kraut Company, which is still a Wisconsin favorite. While maintaining a classic hometown feel, it has easy access to the interstate system allowing for pleasant day trips into metropolitan areas.

At Wall to Wall Home Inspections we use HomeGuage® software to generate quick and thorough home inspection reports. This technological advancement allows us to compile data and add pictures in real time to report templates with easy customization, giving you the most comprehensive inspection report available today – and we can get it to you within hours of the completed home inspection.

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Radon Testing

Our Franklin home inspectors also offer Radon testing with results available within 48 hours. Wisconsin is well known for having elevated Radon levels in its soil, and Wall to Wall is here to protect you from these radioactive gases permeating your home.

Building Permit and Licensing in the Town of Franksville

Our home inspectors have come across all types of “unique” DIY home repairs. Although, our report will record all the issues on the home, we strongly recommend that you check with the  Village of Caledonia Building Department prior to the inspection, to see which repairs had permits and which need to be brought up to code. This will give you a good idea of the repair and remodeling history of your home. Most electrical and plumbing repairs require permits, so it is a good idea to be sure fixes are done legally.

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Franksville Home Inspected by Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services
3011 Trudeau Trce, Franksville, WI 53126
Franksville Home Inspected by Wall to Wall
Prairie Crossing Dr., Franksville, WI 53126
Franksville Home Inspected by Wall to Wall
County Road K, Franksville, WI 53126