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Detail-Oriented Home Inspections for Dousman

Wall to Wall is a Trusted Pre-Sale Home Inspector for Waukesha County

For over 15 years, Wall to Wall’s home fastidious inspectors have exceeded customer expectations through reliable, thorough evaluation. With Wall to Wall you enjoy peace of mind, knowing every inch of the home you’re buying or selling will be scrutinized by trusted inspection experts.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections Exceed Your Expectations at an Affordable Price

Wall to Wall’s inspections average from 350 to 400 dollars—a worthwhile sum for protecting your investment in your home. No component of your home, no matter how small, escapes the knowing eyes of our remarkable inspectors. For that reasonable price, your trim receives the same attention as your walls. Your light switches will be assessed in as much detail as your circuit breakers. From the corner of your basement to the crossbeams of your attic, Wall to Wall means comprehensive accountability of every aspect of your home including:

  • Drainage
  • Moisture
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Foundations
  • …and much more

Educating Dousman Homeowners Is Our Home Inspectors’ Priority

A home and its components should never be an enigma whether you’re buying it or selling it. Wall to Wall’s home inspectors are also teachers. As we move through your home we do more than just jot down problems. We answer questions and explain the infrastructure of your home. After working with Wall to Wall you’ll know where water, gas and electrical shut offs are. You’ll learn about drainage and humidity management. After we explain what we’ve found, you’ll receive a meticulous home inspection report, generated electronically and including all notes and images detailing potential concerns.

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Nationally Certified Home Inspector in Wisconsin

The inspectors at Wall to Wall have years of experience backed by certifications and licenses:

  • Nationally Certified Home Inspector
  • Wisconsin State Certified Inspectors, Certification #1037
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker License #40981
  • NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) #NACHI08021908
  • WAHI (Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors)

Affordable Pre-sale Radon Testing in Dousman

The soil in Wisconsin has elevated levels of radioactive radon gas, which has been shown to be a leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. This gas can seep into your basement through cracks in the foundation and voids around access pipes. Wall to Wall Home Inspections offers reliable radon testing for Wisconsin homes, either as a standalone service ($125) or as an add-on with a home inspection ($100).

Dousman Home Permit Information

Wall to Wall’s inspectors are no strangers to this town of about 2,000, which is famous for its annual frog jump. Its housing market is a blend of new builds and established, traditional homes, and the number of households in town has grown by 58% from 1990 to 2000. This diverse and rapidly-growing housing market requires a versatile and thorough home inspector like those at Wall to Wall.

We recommend home buyers research the permit history of their potential property, to see what repairs have been done by professionals and whether they’re under warranty. For more details on the specifics of the permits take a look at the Village of Dousman's Permit and License information.

Contact the experts at Wall To Wall to get reliable home inspections before you close on your Dousman home.


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