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Located right on Lake Michigan, Bayside boasts a high quality of life for its residents. Many parks and a wide variety of community sponsored activities throughout the year have made this small village a popular place for young families to move to. Our certified home inspectors have years of experience inspecting homes throughout Southeast Wisconsin, providing comprehensive, affordable inspections for potential buyers. Using state-of-the-art software, Wall to Wall Home Inspections professionals consistently go above and beyond what is expected during a home inspection. Whether you’re looking to live right on the lake or closer to downtown Milwaukee, rely on our state and nationally certified home inspectors to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Comprehensive Home Inspections in Bayside

Our certified home inspectors understand the trepidation which comes with buying a new home. Before the sale goes through, potential homeowners need to be aware of any potential problems with the house. Pre-sale inspections are essential to identifying these problems, before they become responsible for repairing them. Wall to Wall's inspectors go over all accessible parts of the home, while digitally documenting any issues they come across. We help homeowners identify problems in a huge range areas of the home, including:

  • Basements - Furnaces, water heaters, foundations, drains, pipes, ducts...
  • Roofs - Shingles, gutters, venting flashing, soffits...
  • Plumbing - sinks, showers, toilets...
  • Electrical - outlets, lights, fuse boxes and breakers...
  • Masonry - exterior slabs, brickwork, patios...
  • ...and more
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Inspections with Radon Testing

In addition to being aware of the issues we can see, we test for things which go unnoticed. Radon gas is odorless gas produced naturally by decaying radium in Wisconsin's soil. This gas is a leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, and can cause other serious health problems if left unchecked. Wall to Wall Home Inspections is pleased to offer radon testing in Wisconsin homes and basements, protecting your family members from this health risk. We offer radon testing as a standalone service for $125, or as an add on to a home inspection for $100. Protect your family from this dangerous gas by getting a radon inspection today!

Bayside Home Permits and Licensing Information

During our many years of experience, we typically discover between 5-10 items in a home which will require work. On some occasions, we find unique fixes which were rigged up by the previous owners. We’ve seen it all from an air conditioning unit in a shower to leaking pipes repaired with duct-tape. When we encounter these types of “renovations,” we recommend the owner contact the Bayside Building Inspections Department to see if a permit was pulled for the work. Typically, most renovation work requires a building permit and it’s always important to check with the municipality to ensure your home is safe and up to code.

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