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Professional computerized home inspections in SE Wisconsin.
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Comprehensive Home Inspections in Southeastern Wisconsin

Nationally Certified Home inspectors

Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make during their lifetime, and it's normal to be concerned about the home's condition. Are there foundation issues? Is the roof OK? What about mold? Buying a home should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Let's be honest, the stress comes from fear of the unknown and/or the unexpected.

Wall to Wall eases the stress with full home inspections in Wisconsin.

Our job as your inspector is to expose the unknown and give you insight to the unexpected. The Wall to Wall exclusive electronic inspection report system is so thorough and informative, it takes 2-3 hours to complete. In addition, we understand the sensitive time constraints you are under, so we pride ourselves with a fast report turnaround time. You will receive the report, with all the pictures, within 2-3 hours after the inspection is completed via email. Instead of risking it and hoping for the best, Wisconsin residents know they should turn to Wall to Wall for a comprehensive home inspection.

Southeastern Wisconsin Home for Sale Needs Inspection

Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services was established in 2001 by Al Weiland, who has many decades of experience as a realtor, home remodeler and new construction home builder. Those experiences yeilded unique knowledge of residential construction and common building issues. Using our exclusive electronic inspection report system, Wall to Wall Home Inspections offers buyers and sellers in southeast Wisconsin fast, accurate reviews of a home’s condition.

In addition to years of experience, we’re fully certified by a variety of state and nationally recognized organizations. Our certifications/licenses include:

Your Realtor will tell you "Time is of the essence", and they are correct. The first call you should make after your initial offer to purchase is accepted, is to Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services.

Contact Wall to Wall Home Inspections now to schedule your home inspection.

The State of Wisconsin Home Inspection Regulations are vague, and we pride ourselves as being the most thorough home inspection company in the industry. We go above and beyond to make sure you know exactly what shape the home is in, and we look at all aspects of the house, including but not limited to:


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We comb the entire house, identifying any potential problems. When necessary, we will also identify, and report, if there are areas requiring a specialist (e.g. roof, foundation plumbing, electrical, pest, mold, etc.). We point out where all the gas, water and electrical shut off valves are then tag them so you can find them quickly in case of an emergency. In addition, we provide you with a free publication "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" that helps you understand how your house works, keep it maintained and save energy.

Are Home Inspections Really Necessary? A Nationally Certified Inspector's Answer

Southeastern Wisconsin Home Inspectors Preparing for an InspectionA home inspection can expose many potential problems in your new home. Whether it’s a simple fix like a dripping pipe to a more extensive fixer-upper with frozen pipes and a cracked foundation, a good home inspection will let you know what you're getting into. Roof replacements, foundation repairs, Radon mitigation, and electrical upgrades can cost you thousands of dollars (see our client testimonials). Experienced realtors also push for home inspections, knowing the importance of going into a closing with both eyes open. Wall to Wall Home Inspection's small service fee can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs down the road.

Wall to Wall Home Inspections is a Nationally Certified Home Inspector and a Wisconsin State Certified Inspector, #1037. In addition to being a certified home inspector, we're also certified in rental weatherization, RV inspections and I am a licensed real estate broker. When you choose Wall to Wall Home Inspections, you can rest assured you're getting an experienced inspector with attention to detail. Let Wall to Wall Home Inspections help you make the best home buying decision.

The Best Home Inspection Technology

Window Air and Shared Electric Discovered by Home InspectorWall to Wall Home Inspections takes pride in using the latest cutting edge technology, which includes laser levels for foundation inspections, infrared thermometers for electrical issues, gas detectors for leaks, an innovative, pole mounted wireless camera system for taller roofs, and the Wall to Wall exclusive electronic inspection report system connected to smartphones and desktops. This technology lets us generate thorough, detailed reports within hours of completing a home inspection.

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Wall to Wall's electronic inspection report system allows us to snap photos and enter notes during the inspection. The pictures and notes are then automatically put into a complete home inspection report for easy viewing upon completion. Once the inspection is finished, you will get your report emailed to you as a .pdf the same day. We use our years of experience and industry knowledge to create an easy to understand report which will arm you with the information you need to make the best home buying decision.

HomeGauge® Custom Home Inspection Reports

Wall to Wall uses home inspection software by HomeGauge® to generate your home inspection reports. HomeGauge is a highly flexible and simple program able to create clear and concise reports so you can easily tell where the problems lie in your property.

HomeGauge® gives Wall to Wall Home Inspections the ability to compile measurement data taken from our high-tech equipment and turn it into an easy to understand and customizable report, giving us the ability to generate these reports quickly. Features within the software allow us to easily adapt custom videos and images, retrieve saved comments and diagrams of common problems as needed, and use pre-created templates as starting points to give us a jump on the reporting process.

The more efficient and thorough we can be, the more we’ll save you money. We are always looking for the latest technologies and innovations to help us do the job better. Thoroughness is a way of life for Wall to Wall, so the time saved producing quality reports with HomeGauge® translates to a better home inspection experience for our clients.

Radon Testing in Southeastern Wisconsin from a Certified Home Inspector

According to the EPA, the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers is radon gas. Including smokers, radon is still the second most common cause of lung cancer. Radon gas is naturally produced and as homes become increasingly energy efficient, radon gas is becoming trapped inside at levels that are unhealthy for us. If left undetected, and at levels of 4 pCi/L, radon gas will continue to accumulate, creating hazardous living conditions. Homes should be tested for radon levels once every two years to keep your family safe. Wall to Wall Home Inspections performs radon testing as an optional part of a home inspection or as a stand-alone service.

Wall to Wall uses state of the art electronic monitors which provide graphic readouts in 48 hours. The monitors take air samples every hour, and give an overall average of the radon levels in the home. Whether you are buying a home or currently own a house, you should get the residence tested for radon. If there are high levels of radon detected in a home, the problem can be solved by venting, or what is called mitigation. However, if left undetected, radon gas will continue to accumulate, creating hazardous living conditions. Don't wait until it's too late, get your home tested for radon today.

Are Home Inspections Worth the Money?

When you're buying or selling a home, you can trust the experienced, knowledgeable staff at Wall to Wall Home Inspections. We walk you through the entire inspection, answering questions as we go, educating you about the components in your home. From buying a condo unit in downtown Milwaukee to purchasing a Victorian home in Oconomowoc, rely on Wall to Wall Home Inspections for a complete inspection.

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